Meteor Interviews

Meteor Interviews

Meteor is an open source platform for building web and mobile apps using JavaScript. Paul Dowman interviews Meteor developers, community and core team members. We will be going deep into technical topics.

The Meteor Interviews Podcast is produced by OK GROW! - we build apps with Meteor:

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    11: Asynchronous Javascript programming in Meteor - Dean Radcliffe

    Paul Dowman talks with Dean Radcliffe of OK GROW! about writing async code in JavaScript and especially how it’s different in Meteor. Dean talks about promises (what they are and how to use them with the core Meteor API), fibers, and goes deep into the why and how of async programming.

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    8: SQL and Meteor - Ben Green

    Paul Dowman talks with Ben Green about the state of using SQL with Meteor and the technical challenges that are involved in getting SQL support up to par with Mongo.

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    7: Where Meteor is headed next - Matt DeBergalis, Meteor founder

    Paul Dowman talks with Matt DeBergalis about the future of Meteor. Matt talks about how Meteor came to be and where it’s going. He talks about the forthcoming Galaxy hosting platform, React, being opinionated, and the Meteor Development Group’s decision-making process about which components make up the Meteor stack.

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    5: Evented Mind and Iron Router - Chris Mather

    Paul Dowman talks with Chris Mather about learning Meteor, taking time to learn new things just for fun, and the role of Iron Router in the Meteor ecosystem.

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